Educational attainment is part of the American dream and the biggest predictor of success for cities and metro areas today. The research is clear. In fact, 58% of a city's success (as measured by per capita income), can be explained by the percentage of the adult population with a college degree.

The more educated metro Colorado’s population is, the more robust our economy will be. It “takes a village to raise a child,” and sometimes it also takes a village to get people back in college.  That’s where you come in.  You can be part of the village.  There are so many great services available - and people who are trying to juggle a career, family life and going back to school need a support system. 

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Want to help someone earn their degree?

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Interested in learning more? Read up on our Fall 2013 newsletter, or check out the video below from the Lumina Foundation. A better educated U.S is a stronger U.S.